10 Things To Do in Manhattan Beach, California

As a predominantly residential neighborhood, people seem to think that there isn’t much to attract sightseers, and that is precisely why it’s an ideal destination for anyone seeking the authentic California beach lifestyle.

Manhattan Beach is probably one of the first places that spring to mind when you think about the Metropolitan Area of Los Angeles. As a predominantly residential neighborhood, people seem to think that there isn’t much to attract sightseers, and that is precisely why it’s an ideal destination for anyone seeking the authentic California beach lifestyle.

Due to its wonderful beaches, which are far less crowded than the most well-liked tourist spots in Los Angeles, and its extensive selection of pubs and restaurants, Manhattan Beach is the ideal location for a relaxing holiday.

Don’t be fooled, though. There’s more than just clubs and beaches that contribute to the area’s appeal. Manhattan Beach has many attractions that offer enjoyable activities for the entire family, group of friends, and significant others.

From a tranquil day at the beach to an exciting day of surfing, Manhattan Beach offers something for everyone. If you’re fascinated by art and history, there are numerous museums to explore. While in town, you can also visit several local restaurants and businesses. To help you with how to spend your visit, here are the best things to do during your stay in Manhattan Beach.

1. Walk on the Manhattan Beach Pier

First and foremost, you can’t say that you’ve been to Manhattan beach if you didn’t walk along its pier.

Located at 2 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, 90266, the Manhattan Beach Pier is one of the tourist spots that the city is most proud of. You can take pictures along its long bridge, which continues out towards the Pacific Ocean for about 928 feet (or 282 meters). This is the oldest pier on the western coast of the country and one of the California Historic Landmarks.

The Manhattan Beach Pier is the place to go for a stroll along the water’s edge because it features a world-class aquarium and café at its end, as well as the Volleyball Walk of Fame all along its course. You can usually see surfers enjoying the waves below the dock.

2. Wandering at Bruce’s Beach

Bruce’s Beach is a famous local tourist park two minutes from Manhattan Beach. The park has benches and a basketball court that you can use if you want to practice shooting.

It’s also famous for yoga classes and dog walking. The park’s spacious, well-kept lawns are lovely for wandering, enjoying the blue skies, or having a picnic. Or you can enjoy the park’s magnificent grasses and pleasant coastal wind.

3. One Wave Surf: Surfing Lesson

If you want an adrenaline rush, why not go surfing? Look no further than One Wave Surf. They offer private and group lessons in the Long Beach area and have been the city’s most popular and well-known surfing school since 2003.

The instructors at One Wave Surf are well-trained, have a lot of experience, and know a lot about surfing. They will make sure you get the best lessons possible. There are both long-term and one-day classes at the surfing school; so whichever option you choose, you’ll be able to learn how to stand up on your board like a pro.

4. Visit the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market in the Afternoon

Are you wondering where to go next in Manhattan Beach? Every Tuesday, 11 AM to 3 PM, there is a beautiful Farmer’s Market in Downtown Manhattan Beach. It’s the best place to try food from the area.

The vendors are very friendly and sell fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables for bargain prices. They also sell ready-to-eat foods like cheese, butter, preserves, yogurt, jams, and more.

5. The Art Center of Manhattan Beach

The Art Center at Manhattan Beach is the ideal destination for individuals who wish to admire national artwork and culture.

You get the opportunity to explore a wide range of art in the Californian style. The show comprises the works of both young and internationally recognized artists.

It is an excellent place to learn more about the techniques used to make the pieces and their inspirations.

6. Enjoy Fresh Seafood at Fishing With Dynamite

Fishing With Dynamite is a local restaurant specializing in fresh and delectable fish.

This restaurant’s menu contains a variety of meals from many cuisines. Yellowtail Tacos, Fish and Chips, Grilled Octopus, Peruvian Scallops, Oyster Sampler Platter, and Key Lime Pie are some of the restaurant’s must-try items.

7. Spend Your Day Discovering Polliwog Park

Polliwog Park is the largest park in Manhattan Beach.

It’s the ideal opportunity for individuals who dislike sand to spend time resting outside.

There is a large pond for water sports, a frisbee area, multiple athletic grounds, a public auditorium, a playing field, and even a park for your dogs.

8. Explore the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden

You can enjoy seeing and studying many native florae at no cost at the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden.

It’s a great area to stroll, learn about the California scenery, and get some fresh air. It also has a variety of flowers, grasses, and trees, as well as attractions like a waterfall and picnic tables.

9. Check Out a Show at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

Are you a fan of theater arts? Here’s one thing for you to do in Manhattan Beach.

Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center is a large, elegant, contemporary performing arts arena that hosts everything from lectures and presentations to musicals and dance performances.

It’s worth checking to see whether anything interesting is occurring while you’re in the area, given the variety of on-site amenities, the low admission prices, and the shows from both emerging and major artists.

10. Enjoy the Sands of Manhattan Beach

There’s no need to stress yourself when thinking about where to go in Manhattan Beach.

The beach itself is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day because it is much quieter than other places in the Los Angeles area. It has beautiful stretches of sand that go on for miles.

People who like to be more active will also enjoy exploring the dunes at Manhattan Beach.

Even surfers and volleyball players love it. Each year, the International Surf Festival and the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament are held here.

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